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MORE-LENSES - Contact lenses

By 2023, our prices have dropped by an average of 30%:


We are qualified opticians and we want to defend our profession as adapters and distributors of contact lenses.
12 years ago, we created our own online sales site to provide a simple and competitive solution.
Since that time, we have been alerting our manufacturers-suppliers to online competition that we consider unfair. Our purchase prices have continued to rise while we have seen lower and lower prices online.
With the sole benefit of market share gains, these online sales sites for contact lenses and care products have become leaders.
We also noticed that many wearers were choosing their contact lenses online without being checked by a specialist.
Finally, we have measured a decrease in the number of annual checks that are essential for a good follow-up of a contact lens adaptation. 

The solutions provided by our manufacturer-suppliers (Alcon, Cooper-Vision, Johnson&Johnson and Bausch&Lomb) were

  • offer a subscription for automatic contact lens renewal to avoid our customers to compare prices online.
  • Equip our wearers with contact lenses without brand indication (so-called Private Label), they will be able to compare prices online.
  • sign an exclusive/preferential agreement with our central purchasing office to improve your conditions.
  • keep prices high in the store, even if you lose some carriers.
  • don't worry because in a few months online prices will increase
  • but in any case, to be proactive and adapt new carriers to progress and keep your current advantages.

In an inflationary and crisis context, the solutions proposed by our manufacturers-suppliers do not bring anything to our contact lens wearers, nor to us opticians specialized in contact lenses. 

In January 2023, we made the decision to implement a radically opposite policy:

We are lowering our online lens and care product prices by an average of 30% in order to:

  • promote a modern, responsive and highly competitive Swiss local business
  • offer the most competitive lens prices aligned if possible with the MarketPlace (like Google Merchant)
  • offer the leading brands in contact lenses at the best price
  • guaranteeing quality lenses and care products delivered directly from the manufacturers/suppliers (Alcon, Cooper-Vision, Johnson&Johnson and Bausch&Lomb)
  • remind our wearers of the importance of regular follow-up with a health professional
  • no longer lose our contact lens wearers to price
  • improve our services by providing you with estimated delivery times
  • to obtain a progression of volume in order to perpetuate our low prices
  • hope for a global rebalancing of the prices charged by our manufacturers-suppliers

We do everything possible to satisfy you and we thank you for your loyalty.


Stéphane Mourachoff
Thierry Badoil

Art:Optic Pully
Rue de La Poste 7

Renew your Swiss contact lenses at the best price

Online sale of contact lenses in Switzerland.

Our contact lens fitting center integrated to our Art:Optic store, at the gates of Lausanne in Pully, is first specialized in the fitting and distribution of all types of contact lenses and lens care products.

Managed by qualified and passionate opticians, we strive to offer you the widest choice of contact lenses online and at the best prices.

Through our central purchasing office, we deal and negotiate directly with the largest brands of disposable contact lenses ( Dailies, Acuvue, Soflens, Biofinity, Purevision, Biomedics, One Day Oasys ... etc) ...